About Us

What is 4stripe productions?

As a Creative Development House, our aim is to produce a reliable, practical and dynamic actions through diligence and perseverance.


4Stripe hatched from the brain of 4 magnificent people that have proclivity of creating great finesse. Putting creativity as the focal point, 4Stripe standsembarks the innovation of creative technology. To begin with 4Stripe was born and breed on its mother company The Little Giantz that flourish the Animation Industry since 2016. 4Stripe detached itself and declared a stand alone business unit that have the keen interest in roaring the simplicity of new technology. The ideology of 4Stripe was taken from the principle of the solid four cornersand four major elements of earth. This aspects symbolise diversity as the four features are independent and plucky. Number 4 is believed can be respectable to a fault, defensive, loyal and trustworthy which is become our pillars of society.